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Meet the Free Electrons 2020 Winner: Vyntelligence

The 2020 edition of Free Electrons has been the most unusual so far. So it comes as no big surprise that the winner of this year fits so well with this changing environment.

In a few words, Vyntelligence delivers augmented intelligence, with the purpose of “simplifying work & life to create more time for health, family and friends”. Vyn simplifies workflow processes, increases operational efficiency, reduces costs, and creates invaluable business intelligence.

Their Remote Audit solution, makes it easier to remotely audit work in the field with Video intelligence, by combining AI with a more human way of capturing data in the field, using a short guided video from the mobile.

Vyntelligence acknowledges the challenges 2020 has brought and recognizes the need to keep people safe, as customers, colleagues and contractors are a high priority for business leaders. In their journey to build sustainable innovation, Vyntelligence is now, through the Free Electrons program, developing pilots with EDP, CLP and SP Group.

Congratulations again to all! We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Vyn!

Free Electrons partners: Thank you innogy and welcome E.ON !

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